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I am a post-doctoral researcher on the topics of sub-Riemannian geometry and control theory, in particular deterministic observability and modelisation.

I'm currently working with DYCOP team, LAGEPP, in Lyon, and ANR ODISSE.

Since 2018, I hold a Ph.D. in mathematics from École Polytechnique, Université Paris–Saclay, on the topic of singularities in sub-Riemannian geometry, prepared under the supervision of Ugo Boscain and Mario Sigalotti.

Find a full CV here (in french).

Prior experience and education

Since Oct. 2020: Post doctoral fellow at LAGEPP, UCBL, Lyon
Sept. 2020: Post doctoral fellow at LJLL, Sorbonne Université, Paris
2019-2020: Visiting Assistant Professor at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA
2018-2019: Post doctoral fellow at LIS Lab, Université de Toulon
2015-2018: Ph.D. at CMAP, École Polytechnique, supervised by Ugo Boscain and Mario Sigalotti
2014-2015: Master's degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics, specialization in analysis of PDEs and numerical analysis at Université Paris-Sud
2014 : Agrégation
2011-2014: Math cursus at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan

ludovic.sacchelli at

Bureau G323,
Rue Victor Grignard
Bâtiment CPE
69622 Villeurbanne Cedex

Research activities

Journal preprints

Journal articles

International conference proceedings

[4] An auditory cortex model for sound processing. With R. Asswad, U. Boscain, D. Prandi, G. Turco. To appear in GSI 2021 conference.

[3] Dynamic output feedback stabilization of non-uniformly observable dissipative systems. With L. Brivadis, V. Andrieu, U. Serres, J.P. Gauthier. IFAC World Congress 2020. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 53(2), 4923-4928.

[2] A bio-inspired geometric model for sound reconstruction. With U. Boscain, D. Prandi, G. Turco. Extended abstract. IFAC World Congress 2020. In press.

[1] Output stabilization of military UAV in the unobservable case. With A. Ajami, M. Brouche, J.P. Gauthier. 2020 IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, MT, USA, 2020, pp. 1-6.

Conference preprints

[3] Zermelo-Markov-Dubins with two trailers. With J.-B. Caillau, T. Combot, J.-B. Pomet.  In preparation for IFAC Workshop LHMNC 21.

[2] A switching technique for output feedback stabilization at an unobservable target. With L. Brivadis. Submitted to the CDC 2021 conference.

[1] Approximate observability and back and forth observer of a PDE model of crystallisation process. With L. Brivadis. Submitted to the CDC 2021 conference.

Ph.D. thesis

Singularities in sub-Riemannian geometry, Université Paris-Saclay.


Séminaire Analyse, Phénomènes Stochastiques et Applications, LMBA, UBO, March 23rd 2021, Problèmes d’inobservabilité pour le contrôle de systèmes dynamiques.

Séminaire McTAO, Inria Sophia Antipolis, March 16th 2021, Modèles corticaux géométriques et simulation de la perception.

Séminaire singularités, I2M, Aix-Marseille Université, February 4th 2021, Théorèmes de prolongement de Whitney pour les courbes dans les variétés sous-riemanniennes.

Séminaire EDP, IECL, Université de Lorraine, January 19th 2021, Problèmes d’inobservabilité pour le contrôle de systèmes dynamiques.

Séminaire GAD, LJAD, Université de Nice, November 17th 2020, Localization and uniformity of asymptotics for sub-Riemannian heat kernels.

Séminaire ANR ODISSE, LAGEPP, UCBL, November 5th 2020, Output feedback stabilization of non-uniformly observable control systems.

SRGI conference: Sub-Riemannian Geometry and Interactions, Sorbonne Université, September 10th 2020, Localization and uniformity of asymptotics for sub-Riemannian heat kernels.

Analysis and probability seminar, UConn, April 24th 2020, Unobservability in system stabilization.

Differential geometry seminar, Lehigh University, November 18th 2019, A sub-Riemannian Whitney extension theorem.

Séminaire d'automatique du plateau de Saclay, L2S, Centrale Supélec, October 17th 2019, Stabilization of non-uniformly observable system.

Probability, statistics & analysis seminar, Lehigh University, September 20th 2019, Stabilizing partially unobservable systems.

LAGEPP Seminar, Université Lyon 1, June 14th 2019, Extrémales sous-riemanniennes pour les distributions de contact.

Sub-Riemannian geometry seminar, IHP, June 20th 2018, Geometry of the sub-Riemannian caustic of 5-dimensional contact manifolds.

Conference Sub-Riemannian geometry and Beyond, february 19th-23rd 2018, Whitney C1 extension of horizontal curves in sub-Riemannian manifolds.

Control group seminar of Cambridge University's Engineering department, January 16th 2018, Modeling singularities of line fields.

Sub-Riemannian geometry seminar, IHP, February 22nd 2016, Sub-Riemannian conjugate loci for contact distributions. 

Teaching activities


Instructor for the Department of Mathematics of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Multivariate and vector calulus, L1 Sciences physiques, Spring 2021

Visiting assistant professor at Lehigh University

Calculus II, Math 22, Spring 2020

Calculus with business applications, Math 81, fall 2019

Instructor for the Department of Electrical Engineering of Université de Toulon

Introduction to automation, 1st year DUT, spring 2019

Masters degree research project mentoring. Numerical implementation of line fields interpolation, spring 2019


TA for the Department of Applied Mathematics of École Polytechnique

Implementation of numerical methods, MAP 572, 3rd year École Polytechnique, 2016-2018

Numerical approximation and optimization, MAP 411, 2nd year École Polytechnique, 2015-2017

Applied mathematics professor in the EV2 students' preparatory semester, 1st year École Polytechnique, 2015-2018

Control of dynamical models, tutorials, MAP 434, 2nd year École Polytechnique, 2015-2016


Math examiner for ECE 1 class of Lycée Henri IV (professor C. Hériveaux), 2014-2015 

Computer science TA for ECE 1 class of Lycée Henri IV, 2014-2015

Agregation's competitive exam preparation, 2014-2015